MLS042 - Anna Madeleine
Collecting a Hemisphere
August 19 - September 5
Opening 6pm Friday August 21

Collecting a Hemisphere is a new body of work by Anna Madeleine that combines various scientific and artistic methods of collecting, recording, interpreting and mapping elements of the natural world.

The exhibition includes works that are made through processes that react to the exposure of light. The Hemispheres are made with the old photographic printing process of the cyanotype, and Crystalline uses glow in the dark stars. Both works re-interpret scientific images: the cyanotypes form a map of the sky that is in part authored by the sun; and the star stickers reimagine a spherical pattern mapped from data used to identify the atomic structure of a crystal. From celestial to microscopic, similarities are found in the ability of light to transform and imprint information.

Other works stitch together patterns and maps found in nature with those made by humans. Birds of a feather draws connections between animal markings and dress-making patterns, playfully considering how both are informed by evolution. The Scribbly Gum series uses sewing to imitate the lines etched into the bark of Eucalyptus trees by moth larvae, embedding insect maps into pages of an Australian atlas.

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