Headgear 4
A group show
25 July - 10 August, 2014

Mils Gallery is turning 5!
To celebrate we are hosting our annual HEADGEAR exhibition.
A collection of masks from artists who have been affiliated with MILS over the last 5 years mixed with a fine selection of traditional masks from various tribal communities.

If you haven’t been, it’s probably about time you came.

Featuring works by:

Marissa Bagley
Eko Bambang Wisnu
R. G. Butlin
Chanelle Collier
Luke Doyle
Gemma King
Ida Lawrence
Huw Lewis
Simon Maberley
Wally McGregor
Lucy O’Doherty
Adriano Rosselli
Tom Saville
Roman Stachurski
Nicole Toms
Andy Townsend
Harry Townsend
Eva Troyeur-Gibson
Joe Wilson

And works from:

Jajarkot (Nepal)
Kayan (Borneo)
Nissan Island (New Britain)
Northern Solomons
Tabar Islands (Indonesia)
Wayana-aparai people (Amazon)
Wahgi Valley (New Guinea Highlands)

Traditional masks Courtesy of Chris Boylan and David Said

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