MLS041 - Nick Swann
July 30 - August 16

The paintings in Pleasant Steam are not in direct relationship with one another. They are each individually drawn up and thought upon to suit a “moment” I am trying to represent. I haven’t begun each painting for the show to address a specific subject or conceptual idea, but I have restricted the canvas size of each image to make it cohesive. Pleasant Steam is a continuation of the work I have been doing for the past four years; however I feel that this show is a particularly succinct presentation of my practice.

“…as one realises, that one is a dream-figure in another person’s dream: that is self-awareness!” - Timothy Levitch

My works are an imitation of the ideas I have when in a day dream, transfixed or captured by an image. The construct of our consciousness is something I think about constantly and it is reflected in my paintings. We know that the difference between our dream state and our waking state of raw consciousness is technically nil. Particularly vivid dreams can have such a hold on us because they are effectively real.

I use returning motifs often, such as with this show where I have painted many elephants. I like to use elements that are real on one hand, in that they are figurative, to allow people a way into my work. Animals rather than humans I see as much more fertile subjects to transpose whatever mood or humanity I’m capturing. On the other hand I feel free because of this, because the figurative anchor allows me to abstract and morph whatever else I’d like with colour.

-Nick Swann


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