July 10 - 25, 2015

This year’s Headgear serves you a slice of Medieval Scotland to commemorate another failed attempt at independence and the end of Game of Thrones for another year. MILS is turning six and getting too old for this shit, so please come down and join us for drinks with the artists. 6pm. Same time as always. Nothing ever changes. Death is the only escape.

Not to be mentioned/missed, the opening event will include a masked performance directed by Nina Juhl.

Artist featured:

Marissa Bagley
Ida Lawrence & Hana Hoogedeure
Adriano Rosselli
Roman Stachurski
Nicole Toms
Harry Townsend
Eva Troyeur-Gibson
Joe Wilson & Chanelle Collier

Performance artists:

Sinead Curry
Philip D’Ambrosio
Krishna Nand
Grace Rein
An Tran

Also including masks courtesy of Chris Boylan from the hills of Kaiser Wilhelm Land.

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